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Why should I join an Individual Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Asanas are carefully recommended to “patients” according to their ailment and their physical and emotional condition.

Yoga’s system of healing is based on the premise that the body should be allowed to function as naturally as possible. Practicing the recommended asanas, pranayama, and Yoga Nidra will first rejuvenate your body, and then tackle the causes of the ailment.

In Yoga, we are practicing asanas to develop the ability to sit comfortably in one position for an extended time, the capacity necessary for meditation.

Hatha yogis, however, found that certain specific body positions, asanas, open the energy channels and psychic centers.

Tackle the ailment from tree yoga directions

Yoga Asanas adapted by Iyengar & Satyananada

Yoga Asanas or Yoga Posture are suitable for all practitioners. No prior experience is needed.

We will recommend the asanas sequence to “patients” according to their ailment and their physical and emotional condition.

Pranayama & Prana Vidya – Self-healing

Prana means “Vital Force.” Once we become aware of our inner self-healing potential, we will learn to direct prana where the energetical balance is affected.

The program contains powerful yet straightforward techniques that can be practiced in sitting posture or lying on the back.

Complete Yoga Nidra Program

Includes “Introduction to Yoga Nidra” and “Personalized Yoga Nidra”.

Yoga Nidra has widespread application the management of deseases of all kinds.Its value as both a curative and palliative has been investigate in recent years in many researche centres around the world, with extremely favourable results.

List of common diseases

Head and Neck

Short and Long-Sightedness


Thyroid Disease

Cardiovascular System

The Heart and Circulatory System

The Respiratory System

Disorders of the Respiratory System

The Common Cold

Bronchitis and Eosinophilia


Sinusitis and Hay Fever


Gastro-Intestinal Tract

Disorders of the Digestive System

The Upper Digestive Disorders

Peptic Ulcer



Acute Gastro-Enteritis

Malabsorption States

Diabetes Mellitus


The Problem of Obesity



Joints and Musculo-Skeletal System


Cervical Spondylitis

Back Pain

Slipped Disc and Sciatica

The Urogenital System

Kidney Stones


Urinary Tract Problems in Women

Menstrual Disorders

Leucorrhoea and Vaginal Infections

Disorders of the Male Reproductive System

Sterility and Impotence

Prostatic Disease



Miscellaneous Disorders

The Skin in Health and Disease

Varicose Veins

Supportive programs

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