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A symbol of ecstatic dance and stillness

University, marriage, child, business, houses, cars, boat, globetrotter, hiking, marathons, triathlons, illness & health , bodily pleasures, failure & success. And the wholeness is to explore the inner world too. To be an alert, watchful, meditative, non-fighting attitude. Not being lost. To understand the impermanence of life and to learn how to enjoy totally in the present moment first your being and second like a shadow the sky, rivers, birds, health, wealth, relationships. Everything available in one’s life with no clinging or fear of losing them.

I have started my inner journey after reading “Wherever You Go, There You Are” by Jon Kabat Zinn


  • 500 Hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Certified Yoga Alliance, Shiva Yoga Peeth, Rishikesh, India
  • OSHO Meditations – In-Depth & Facilitating Program, Pune, India
  • OSHO Inner skills courses: Living with Totality; Stress , Relaxation, Communication; Playing with Change, Pune, India
  • 500 Hours Work as Meditation (Karma Yoga) in OSHO Meditation International Resort, Pune, India
  • Shoonya Intensive Program, Isha Yoga, Someren, Netherlands
  • Inner Engineering Program, Isha Yoga, London, UK
  • Thai Yoga Stretching & Massage Course Rishikesh, India
  • Zen monastery retreat – Plum Village – The Art of Mindful Living, France

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