We are of nature to blossom

Why should I join a yoga program?

We have designed each program to create a specific space and atmosphere which are necessary for individuals to break the conditioned behavior.

Spend several hours with total involvement in the program, and something from the inner world can be triggered. After such an experience, you will know: there is another way to live this wonderful life.

Through participation and individual experience, we create transformation.

We have designed seven yoga programs as response to our diversity

Discover them online in your home or a small group yoga retreat

Return to Innocence Consciously

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Dance, Joy, Laughter, and Celebration

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Yoga Nidra - Explores Consciousness

Yoga Nidra – The Art of Relaxation

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Yoga for health

Yoga and medicine work hand in hand to safely re-establish health, but only yoga can indeed maintain health. Instead of seeing disease as something to be feared and quickly eradicated, yoga teaches us that disease is our teacher and friend. The condition indicates that we have been making an error in our lifestyle or thinking and have become unbalanced. Regaining our awareness through yogic practices is the key to health.

  • Rejuvenation

  • Vitality
  • Wellbeing

Individual Yoga Class

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Supportive yoga programs

Hatha Yoga – The Alchemy of Energies

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Meditation – The First and Last Freedom

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Yogic Food and The Art of Mindful Cooking

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Yoga Retreats

Dive within yourself 3 or 7 days to bloom your uniqueness

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The time has come to take care of yourself

  • Serenity

  • Joy
  • Rejuvenation

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