Let’s Cook in Awareness and Joy

Pranic Foods: What to Eat? Making the Right Food Choices

Almost everybody knows on an intellectual level what kind of food is healthy or not, yet we eat more or less unhealthy food, and we have an inner conflict or guilt. Why? Due to a lack of awareness, there is no choice. Addictive components of food such: sugar, salt, fat, etc. create overeating, and we use food as a substitute for the inner joy or repressed energies(most often sexual energy). Only awareness is the master key to a healthy life, and any imposed discipline will create more frustration.

The process of cooking and eating should be a real joy with no lethargy or digestive problems afterward.

Yoga science categorizes food in three parts:

  • positive pranic food(sattva) – which brings energy, vitality, body lightness;
  • zero pranic food(tamas) – responsible for lethargy, slow bowels movements, lack of joints flexibility;
  • negative pranic food(rajas) – disturbs the nervous system and cells to assimilate high-quality carbohydrates;

Yogic Food and The Art of Mindful Cooking Program goes to the root cause, increasing awareness of choice. It is a learning process through subjective experience. Playfully we will cook delicious recipes and will enjoy healthy food like children candies.

Delicious, Healthy, Nutritious Breakfast


Preparation time :5 min 100% pozitive pranic food

Tasty, Healthy, Nutritious Meal


Preparation time :15 min 100% pozitive pranic food

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