Meditation – From Bondage to Freedom

Osho on Meditation

“Meditation is not work, it is a play… Meditation is not something to be done to achieve some goal – peace, bliss – but something to be enjoyed as an end in itself.

“The festive dimension is the most important thing to be understood – and we have lost it totally. By festive, I mean the capacity to enjoy moment to moment all that comes to you.”

“Life is a miracle. If you have not known its mystery, that only shows that you do not know the technique for how to approach it.”

A meditator needs no personal guidance. A meditator, on the contrary, needs only one thing: the atmosphere of meditation. He needs other meditators; he needs to be surrounded by other meditators. Because whatever goes on happening within us is not only within us, it affects people who are close by. In this communion, people are at different stages of meditation. To meditate with these people, just to sit silently with these people, and you will be pulled more and more towards your own intrinsic potentiality.

If a man makes a seven-day commitment, by the end of that period he should begin to feel that something has happened to him. He should become a different man in sven day’s time… So, I say, practice today and feel the result immediately.


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Short Meditations

Let’s learn in this program how to experience meditation in ordinary life. There is no need to interrupt our activities. Only we change our attitude from what to how.

  • Meditation on Sound
  • The Art of Looking
  • Meditation on Touch
  • Laughter as Meditation
  • Physical Work or Exercise as Meditation
  • Running, Jogging and Swimming as Meditation
  • Just Standing on the Earth
  • When eating,Eat
  • Smoking Meditation
  • Bring Joy to Every Act

“The man who lives in the future, lives a counterfeit life. He does not really live, he only pretends to live. He hopes to live, he desires to live, but he never lives. And the tomorrow never comes, it is always today. And whatsoever comes is always now and here, and he does not know how to live now-here; he knows only how to escape from now-here. The way to escape is called “desire,” tanha — that is Buddha’s word for what is an escape from the present, from the real into the unreal.

The man who desires is an escapist.

Now, this is very strange, that meditators are thought to be escapists. That is utter nonsense. Only the meditator is not an escapist — everybody else is. Meditation means getting out of desire, getting out of thoughts, getting out of mind. Meditation means relaxing in the moment, in the present. Meditation is the only thing in the world which is not escapist, although it is thought to be the most escapist thing. People who condemn meditation always condemn it with the argument that it is escape, escaping from life. They are simply talking nonsense; they don’t understand what they are saying.

Meditation is not escaping from life: it is escaping into life. Mind is escaping from life, desire is escaping from life.”


From The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, V.1, Discourse #7

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On Topic Meditations

Let’s explore in this program meditations on different topics that manifest in our lives, and we avoid them.

  • Emptying the Mind
  • Letting GO, Death and Dying
  • Breath Meditations
  • Dealing with Feelings
  • Just Sitting
  • Make Sleep as Meditation
  • Centering Meditations
  • Heart Meditations

Why meditation ?

The science of mind – excerpt from Yoga Sutra of Patanjali

Sutra II.3 avidya asmita raga dvesha abhinivesha kleshas

The five afflictions which disturb the equilibrium of consciousness :

1.Lack of awareness(mindfulness,alertness,witnessing,watchfulness)-root

2.I-ness(Ego,Identification )-trunk

3. Attachment to pleasure(likes)-branches

4.Repulsion to pain(dislikes)-flowers

5.Lust for life(clinging for life)-fruit

Sutra II.4 avidya ksetram uttaresam prasupta tanu vichinna udaranam

Lack of awareness is the source of all sufferings and sorrows whether dormant, attenuated, interrupted or fully active.

Sutra II.11 dhyana heyah tadvrttayah

The outward expressions of the five afflictions disappear through meditation.

Without meditation, all efforts are in vain because they do not treat the root.

“Patanjali is like an Einstein in the world of buddhas. He is a phenomenon. He could easily have been a Nobel Prize winner like an Einstein or Bohr or Max Planck or Heisenberg. He has the same attitude, the same approach as a rigorous, scientific mind. He is not a poet; Krishna is a poet. He is not a moralist; Mahavira is a moralist. He is basically a scientist who is thinking in terms of laws. And he has come to deduce absolute laws of the human being, the ultimate working structure of the human mind and of reality.

And if you follow Patanjali you will come to know that he is as exact as any mathematical formula. Simply do what he says and the result will happen. The result is bound to happen – it is just like two plus two become four; it is just like you heat water up to one hundred degrees and it evaporates. No belief is needed, you simply do it and know. It is something to be done and known. That’s why I say there is no comparison: never again has a man existed on this Earth like Patanjali.”

Osho : The Path of Yoga

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